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Welcome to Fuelling Relief

Fuelling Relief is a UK registered charity (Charity No: 1174219) that provides fuel to refugees to be used for heating, to cook with and to provide light. The aim is to ease the suffering of some of the most unfortunate people on the planet as they wait in hope that they are able to rebuild their lives from the desperate situation they find themselves in.

One of the thousands of refugee stoves in Calais we helped supply

Why Fuel? It is the most commonly needed resource by refugees!

A survey of the Calais Jungle in 2016 conducted by Care4Calais asked 2000 refugees what was their preferred type of aid. The results might surprise you ...

Cold food and firewood were shown conclusively to be the MOST desired resource out of ALL the different types of aid being supplied by ALL the different organisations.

We believe the public underestimate the importance of providing refugees with the freedom to cook what they want, when they want, without queuing for a basic human right. Having a fire providing warmth and light enables communities to socialise around it and the amount this improves people’s mental state could never be accurately quantified. What's better is it's not costly to provide!

How we operate?

The charity is run by a few very dedicated volunteers who form a versatile management team. The way we work has evolved as a result of contributions from hundreds of volunteers and we are keen to keep it progressing that way. All voices are listened to and new ideas are implemented.

Like the refugees we aim to serve, our volunteers are of all nationalities and ages. Working together we are able to provide an unfathomable quantity of aid for an organisation of our size. We have all kinds of different jobs that need doing and are adept at finding how best to exploit the different skill sets of different people! Come join our volunteer family and be part of something that is truly special!

We are a young charity that is rapidly expanding to meet a great need. Please read more about our history, the current situation in Calais and our new project in Lebanon.