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Being a start up organisation we have very little overheads. We have NO staffing costs, NO administrative costs, and NO rental costs!!! This means the money you donate will go DIRECTLY to improving the lives of refugees ... that's what it should be doing right?

You can donate to Calais Woodyard via our BT fundraising page right now:

Up for a challenge? Start your own fundraiser ... See how many refugees you can provide with firewood!

A saw blade


€30 = 1 Saw Blade

1 week of firewood for 2,000 refugees.





€150 = 5 Saw Blades

1 week of firewood for 10,000 refugees.

Fred using a chop saw



€300 = 1 Chop Saw

A fast saw with a working lifetime of 4 to 5 months. Would greatly increase our production rate.


A volunteer using a table saw


€1,000 = 1 Table Saw

A reliable saw with a working lifetime of 2+ years. It is capable of processing a wider variety of wood which is desperately needed for our future.


For any larger or non-monetary donations, please contact us at and we will strive to maximise the return on your generous investment.