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Calais (Last Updated 03.11.17)

Refugees waiting outside Dunkirk

We are in constant communication with a variety of organisations (L'Auberge des Migrants, Refugee Community Kitchen and Help Refugees) who are on the ground in Northern France. We trust their judgement implicitly and their current advice is that it would not be recommended to distribute fuel.

Here are the main reasons given:

  • The french authorities are providing buses to accommodation centres when they carry out evictions. With the weather becoming very cold we don't want to be encouraging people to be sleeping in the woods without good reason
  • The refugees are spread over a large area and are trying to hide from the authorities. We would draw attention to their locations
  • The authorities are being increasingly strict on what they are allowed to distribute. It is thought that attempting to provide fuel may cause them to initiate a crackdown and reduce the scope of allowable aid
Makeshift Camping in the Woods

We still have a wood truck and power saws locked away at the warehouse in Calais. If the situation changes and we will be ready to start helping once again. If it does we will need volunteers so please keep an eye on our Facebook page!