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Future Plans

After the Jungle camp was evicted in Calais, the Woodyard was too large an operation and was an inefficient solution to meet the needs of the remaining migrants in N. France. All good things come to an end but we hope to use everything we learnt in Calais to help many more refugees in lots of different countries.

The Future Goals of Calais Woodyard:
Make the Woodyard mobile
  • We are looking into the possibility of converting shipping containers into mobile woodyards. These would open up during the day to provide a workspace and be lockable by night. In theory they could be transported to wherever we find a need.
Find new camps that require our help
  • We are in the process of conducting feasibility studies across mainland Europe in search of camps that are in need of our help and where we would be able to operate freely with the resources we require
  • If you have any information regarding camps where you think our help would be appreciated please let us know.
Become a registered charity
  • We have submitted our application to become a UK registered charity with the help of Thursfield Solicitors. This will hopefully increase our exposure and potential revenue streams! It is hoped being an official charity will also allow us access to camps we would otherwise not be allowed to serve.
  • We have acquired a fantastic board of trustees with a great collection of skils and expertise. However if it is something that interests you please get in touch.