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Who We Are

Calais Woodyard was formed out of absolute necessity when refugees were suffering during the winter of 2015 in freezing conditions. All of this was happening right on our doorstep in the middle of Europe. Our founders were ordinary people who saw that none of the small organisations struggling to distribute enough aid were capable of providing firewood. They aimed to fill this ginormous void.

The organisation is now run by a few very dedicated volunteers who form a versatile management team. The Woodyard has evolved as a result of contributions from hundreds of volunteers and we are keen to keep it progressing that way. All voices are listened to and new ideas are implemented on a daily basis.

Like the refugees we aim to serve, our volunteers are of all nationalities, ages and sizes. Working together we are able to process and provide an unfathomable quantity of firewood. We have many volunteers who return for a second stint and even more who continue working and fundraising on our behalf when they return home. Come join our volunteer family and be part of something that is truly special!

The founders and managers of Calais Woodyard have exciting plans for the future, and providing firewood is only the start...

Ben - the boss of the woodyard

The installation of our current marquee


Meet the management team


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